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 投稿者:NZken  投稿日:2018年 4月23日(月)04時42分9秒
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  Lake Pupuke Fishing Competition

I started from 6am til 3pm. No fish.

Hooked up one Rainbow trout and one large Eel. Unfortunately hook came off the rainbow trout. Eel was too big. Nothing I could do.

I wanted to take some photos of Tench fish but also no one caught.

Do you know anywhere I can get the Tanch constantly in Auckland area?

朝も早よからププケ湖の釣り大会に参加。朝6時から実釣開始で午後3時終了。レインボー1匹と巨大なウナギを掛けるものの運は見方せず。結局 釣果ゼロですたー


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